Fractional Ownership

What is Fractional? All the benefits of Freehold Home Ownership....but at a Fraction of the Cost

Fractional Ownership with Dolphin Golf Property FAQs

It is the concept of dividing an expensive asset i.e. overseas Golf Property into percentage shares and selling those shares to individual owners.

Each person owns a fractional share i.e. if four golfers purchase a property they each own 25% of that property, they then get the relative percentage use of the asset with a Management Company handling the asset and the fractional owners usually paying fixed fees for the management.

NiceVillaAs the owners own a percentage of the “bricks & mortar” they can benefit from capital appreciation. We believe it is not what you have, but what you do that makes you ultimately happy and therefore a hassle free property ownership has got to be an option worth looking into.

Dolphin Golf Property believe that many golfers would like the opportunity to own property located in a sunny climate, yet may never take the plunge for a number of reasons.  The key issue is usually financial, whether it is simply a limited budget or sometimes it is hard to justify spending a large amount of money on something from which you are going to have limited use of, but remain responsible for all year round.

On average people only received 5 weeks holiday per year and the second home is only utilized between 10 – 17 days per year, yet you are paying for it throughout the entire 365 days.

This is why fractional property makes superb economic sense as the cost/benefit ratio is highly appealing.

As you are only buying a part share many of our clients have been able to afford a more lavish property than they could fund themselves, so keep a look out for which resorts can offer this option and details may vary between resorts.

Dolphin Golf Property have decided to work closely with many of the recognised leaders in the Fractional Ownership arena. Dolphin Golf Property can therefore provide a wide range of services to our clients including the complete legal documentation and implementation service, corporate financial planning and various Fractional products, which have been adopted by many of the fantastic golf resorts we represent.

Fractional Ownership v Timeshare

What is the difference?

The media have covered every aspect of Timeshare and the residual impression is not generally good for the property market.  The simple notion that people can have guaranteed occupancy rights for a defined period each year is excellent.  But in practice, so many bad experiences have tarnished the business.

Fractional Ownership in the form of Owner Share system allows a number of unrelated buyers to enjoy occupancy rights based on equity ownership.  Each owner gains from any appreciation in the property value and can sell their interest at market value at any time.

With Fractional Ownership you actually own a Percentage Share of the actual bricks and Mortar whereas with  Timeshare  you are only entitled to occupancy for a defined period only.

Owners Benefits

Owners benefit through Fractional Ownership by …

  • Potential asset appreciation through freehold ownership
  • Acquiring a luxury lifestyle in an affordable high quality home
  • Minimising running costs in relation to usage
  • Benefiting from a professionally managed home and resort
  • Generating income from rental and resale

Each Golf Resort may have chosen slightly different Fractional Propositions, so it is important to review each offering on it's own merits.

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